Sick of Toxic Energy Drinks? Get a Natural boost with these Refreshing Beverages

Energy Drinks have risen in mass popularity over the years, starting with that one that "gives you wings." When used sparingly, in occasional doses, energy drinks are fine. However, they do contain mass amounts of sugar (unless sugar-free, containing other unsavory chemicals). The concentrated amounts of caffeine in them are not good for your heart long-term, not to mention the additional effects on your brain and body.

We aren't knocking a lot of the energy drinks on the market, but we aren't promoting either. Sustainable energy versus that quick fix is a better alternative, and it's wise to look at the root cause of why you may be so tired in the first place. But with that being said, we have rounded up a great list of beverages that give you that energy boost and less of a crash, if any, to help get you through your day.


Some of us, namely the author of this article, are mushroom fanatics. Taking a daily tincture that includes the major shroom players, including Cordyceps, is a great immune system supporter. Going into the various health benefits of medicinal mushrooms, we could be here all day.

Cordyceps, in particular, are known for their energy enhancement. It's a stamina enhancer, piques your athletic performance, and provides you with sustainability as a natural pre-workout supplement. Mushroom coffees are available on the market or tinctures or powders as stand-alone products you can mix in water, hot or cold. Cordyceps are popping up in other energy-enhancing products; if you read the ingredients closely, you will find more mushrooms on health store shelves than ever before and with good reason. They are powerhouses with proven efficiency when it comes to your energy. The side effects are that they have a multitude of other health benefits too. Oh darn.

Green Tea

Green tea extract is found in our energy patches as a booster that promotes fat burning. It also just so happens to give you a good baseline with less spikes in your bloodstream and a boost in antioxidants.

"Many people report having morestable energy and being much more productive when they drink green tea, compared with coffee. Green tea contains less caffeine than coffee but enough to produce an effect. It also contains the amino acid L-theanine,which can work synergistically with caffeine to improve brain function."  L-theanine is found in teas and mushrooms(!), is a great stress fighter, and has anti-anxiety effects. With caffeine being a common trigger for anxiety, green tea can do the opposite while still providing you with stable energy. It's even known ironically to reduce insomnia. The 5000 mcg found in our energy patches is an excellent source of consistent, clean energy that will keep you balanced.


A plant native to the Amazon, named for the Guarani tribe, guarana increases energy and improves mental and physical performance. It is a major ingredient in the more popular, sugary energy drinks on the market, and guarana gets misrepresented. Seeds are still ingested as medicine. Guarana contains theophylline and theobromine. These two active ingredients interact with your body like caffeine, making guarana a suitable coffee alternative.  

Guarana is also good for your skin and heart health when dosed properly and contains antioxidants. This Amazonian treasure needs to be respected as plant medicine to appreciate its use in energy drinks. Just be sure to find one that doesn't contain other chemical-based ingredients.Guarana is an active ingredient in our energy patches.

Yerba Mate

This plant is native to South America and named for French botanist Augustin Saint-Hilaire. TheIlex paraguariensis is in the Holly family, and its leaves are traditionally boiled over a fire. It packs the same energetic punch as coffee, with the health benefits of tea, and offers a feel-good effect like chocolate. Akin to guarana, the indigenous Guarani tribe sourced yerba mate before European colonization. Yerba mate is more commonly found on its own in a bottled form or cafes.

Yerba mate contains saponins, which are compounds that carry anti-inflammatory properties, and the tea also contains traces of vitamins C and E, along with selenium and zinc. Aside from being a healthy caffeine alternative, its other benefits have a vast range, with these key minerals included in every cup. It's a natural immune system booster as a result. Much like the other drinks we've listed, yerba mate has a lengthy history of offering proven health benefits and that all-important energy increase you clicked on this article for.

Energy drinks do get a bad rap because they are marketed as giving you a spike in your energy levels versus a consistent improvement to your mental and physical exertion. That is the difference with the drinks we have listed here. They have a multitude of health benefits,and they won't make you crash. And, the bottom line is caffeine is awesome. It just needs to be worked in your favor. Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, heart, and muscles. So if you feel like you can't have a successful day without your morning coffee, consider some of these alternatives to keep you going throughout your day for a smooth energy flow.

And lastly, make sure you have your water, coffee, tea and some healthy snacks ready and nearby to avoid getting up while you’re working. It might seem like a small thing, but getting up to “get something from the kitchen” unplugs you and has a chance to ruin your momentum.

Studies have shown that it can take up to 23 minutes to get back on track after a distraction. Multiply that by the number of times you get distracted and that number should scare you a bit! So make sure you’re prepared and you can reduce distractions and stay as productive as possible during your peak hours.

First I tell you to stay put, then I tell you to move. I’m just the worst, right? But there’s a method to the madness so stay with me here. Every hour, make sure to stretch your legs and even do a small activity to keep your energy levels up and your blood flowing.

What you do is entirely up to you, but a good stretch or a quick walk can recharge your batteries and help you focus in the long run. Plus, it’s recommended that you don’t sit for hours on end. Remember, sitting is the new smoking.