Learn how patch technology can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

What are Vitamin Patches?

Vitamin Patches are an easy way to supplement your body with vitamins and minerals without having to ingest them. Rather than absorbing your vitamins through your stomach like with food and pills, you can absorb them through your skin. Vitamin patches are perfect for easy, everyday use whether you’re at home or on the go.

Our Patch Technology

Standard vitamin patches have 3 layers. A backing layer to keep it sturdy and make it water resistant, an active layer that contains the nutrients, and an adhesive layer to secure it to the skin. Our 2-layer Matrix System adds a thin, ultra-effective adhesive to our expanded vitamin layer to create an even more effective delivery system that lasts all day.

Backing Layer

The backing layer provides structural support to ensure your patch stays in place, even for the most active lifestyles.

Matrix Layer

Our all-natural adhesive puts the matrix layers' active ingredients to work quickly, giving you time-release benefits all day.

Patch History

Did you know that transdermal patches date back to the 1970s? They were created and marketed as an anti-smoking product by releasing nicotine into the skin slowly over the day.


The idea was loosely based on a practice that dates back hundreds of years. Many civilizations create medicated cloth compresses called poultices that were made from crushed herbs and heated. They were used to treat injuries, fever, and localized pain among other things.