How to Avoid Distractions When Working Out at Home

One of the top benefits of working out at home instead of the gym is having more control over your environment. Likely, you won’t get stuck listening to the top 20 country songs while getting in some cardio unless that’s your thing. Nor will you have to wait your turn before moving on to your next set.

Despite having more choices, you won’t be able to prevent every distraction. You can take action to limit them.

Find a quiet space

Of course, we all want the perfect home gym. But, you don’t need to build one to enjoy a distraction-free workout.

First and foremost, if you live with others, avoid working out in a common area if you can. Unless everyone else is in bed, gone out, or occupied, someone is going to walk by, ask a question, or check in to see what you’re doing.

Try finding an area of your home that’s typically empty during the time you exercise. It could be your bedroom, home office, or even the garage. As long as you have space to maximize your range of motion and it’s quiet, it will do.


Don’t sweat this one too much. You’ll only be occupying a short block of time. But it helps to let others in your home know you’ll be busy for “x” amount of time. If they’re someone who is known to come knocking, ask them if they need anything beforehand.

Others will get used to your routine as well if you tend to stick to a workout schedule. If you run into a case where someone keeps interrupting, let them know how important this time is to you.

Turn off your notifications

Most devices come with a feature that enables you to customize who can get through your do not disturb setting. Thanks to this, you can mute your notifications without having to worry about missing a call from someone important.

You also want to consider any messages you may think about sending during your workout. You know the ones you draft in your head? Even though you’re not pausing to send them, your mind is drifting away from the task at hand. Before starting your routine, take a few minutes to get back to any pending messages before placing your phone on mute- and forget about them until your workout is complete.

Mute your audio

This tip is more if you workout alongside a video instructor. Once you’re familiar with the routine and you’re comfortable doing so, try muting your device to enjoy the silence or your favourite playlist. While these instructors are often excellent people to learn from, sometimes it’s nice to take a break from talking. This advice is twofold when the coach reminds you to relax and forget about work or how much the reps burn. While you weren’t thinking about it in the first place, you are now.

Create a playlist

Music makes an excellent companion to any workout. It can make or break your session. To avoid scrambling to skip a song or getting stuck with one that’s painful to hear, create playlists filled with songs you know you like. Base them on different moods or types of workouts and choose accordingly.

Focus on the task at hand

You’re not going to get all of the benefits of exercise if you don’t let your brain rest. It’s your body’s turn to do the heavy lifting. Let your mind focus on your breathing, posture, and movement. While it may be enjoyable to watch videos, listen to podcasts or read a book, your session may not be as uplifting as you hoped if you’re catching up on the latest news or listening to financial advice.

Keep in mind this is your time to unwind.