3 steps to submit the perfect video testimonial


Take a video, a simple iPhone video will do the trick and tell us about how Patch V3 has helped you in your life.

⭐ PRO TIP: Be sure to mention "Patch V3" and include our product in your video.


Aim to submit a video that is 45 seconds or longer. Generally the best videos are anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes.

⭐ PRO TIP: Some useful talking points include:who you are, this is the problem or thereason I started to use Patch V3 and the results you have seen thanks to our product.


Submit your video! You have two options when submitting your video. Either email us directly at info@patchv3.com and send your video as a Google Drive link or send it to us over VideoPeel.

⭐ PRO TIP: Be sure to see the required specifications that we have included below to redeem this offer and view some examples of some of our favorites.

Our team will be in contact with you once your video is received. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

Some examples of videos we didn't like... we loved!

Required specifications of video submissions

  • - All videos must have our product name mentioned in full, as well as have the product included in the shot.
  • - All videos should be at least 500x500 pixels.
  • - Video can be shot in portrait or landscape mode. If In landscape mode make sure there is room in the frame so that our team can crop it into a square and not lose any important parts.
  • - Length should be anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes (ideally 1-3 minutes)

NOTE: By submitting your video you are constenting to it's re-use in Active Patch Technology's marketing materials.